Floor Slip Testing

The Health and Safety Executive are keen to prevent slip related accidents which involve personal injury. As well as being painful to the injured person, this puts a strain on the resources of the medical profession and causes lost working time to industry. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and RIDDOR figures indicate that almost 1 million days in the UK resulting in over seven days absence are caused by slip, trips and falls.  3 out of 10 over seven day injuries were Slips, Trips and fall, and 82% of these was the result of Slips and Trips, most occurring in Autumn and Winter.

These incidents can become costly if you then take into account any claims for injury and the risk of prosecutions by the HSE. We are able to independently test most types of floor finishes including sports hall and gymnasium floors. Using the Pendulum method in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002 “Pendulum Testers, Method of Operation” the preferred method by the HSE. With this equipment we can also test sample panels at our premises. This is useful to the specifier who may wish to have a chosen product independently tested.

Slip testing should not just be a one off requirement in response to an accident or slip incident but should become part of your routine ongoing proactive safety regime. If required we can carry this out on a regular basis.