Expert Witness

We regularly work for clients and the Legal Profession as single party or single joint Expert Witness, inspecting Flooring, Decking and Cladding issues for the independent inspection and the preparation of Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 (CPR 35) compliant reports as required by the Courts when the dispute is at the Litigation stage.  Rob Winstone is a Member of the Expert Witness Institute and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Responsibility and Role of an Expert Witness

Our focus is on the floor and our instructions of the perceived problem.

It is not our role to judge, or attribute or apportion blame for the complaint or problem. Nor is it our role to place pressure on another party to fulfil the wishes or requirements of the instructing party.

Our responsibility is to the Courts/Parties and to act in an independent and un-biased way, irrespective of who is paying our fee. It is for us to provide the Judge/Parties with technical information in an understandable language, to assist them to make their judgement based on all the information presented to them. This will involve referencing the product and/or the work to the British and Europeans Standards, accepted industry written works, manufacturer’s instructions and normal industry practices.

Work Undertaken

  • Expert Witness Services. Member of the Expert Witness Institute and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
  • visiting sites to carry out independent inspection of failed flooring issues
  • desk inspections of materials and specifications.
  • the preparation of written reports to comply with Civil Procedures Rules part 35. (CPR35)
  • identifying the cause of failed flooring & recommending solutions-
  • Site inspections of subfloor condition and moisture conditions
  • floor specification reviews
  • moisture testing and data logging
  • sub floor inspection and specification review
  • Slip Resistance Testing, using the pendulum tester. Member of the UK Slip Resistance Group.

Inspection and reporting on Timber Decking and Cladding Issues.